Buyer Beware! Unveiling Zola Registry Complaints

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If you’ve recently been engaged, you might be ready for the next step as you approach your wedding date — starting a wedding registry. The name Zola often flies around and is taking over the world of wedding registries. But before you sign up to their registry, make sure to read the first-hand horrible experience some couples have faced when using Zola. In this post, we’ve put together Zola wedding registry complaints from all over the web to help you make smarter wedding decisions.

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• Zola Complaints on Reddit
• Zola Complaints on TrustPilot
• Zola Complaints on BBB
• Zola Complaints on Influenster
• Zola Alternatives

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Zola Complaints on Reddit

The Reddit forums are a pretty huge deal when deciding which registry and wedding website to go with.

You’ll get plenty of first-hand experiences with couples that have dealt with Zola and didn’t like it.

In this post above, the user had a horrible experience with the Zola website because most items listed on their gift registry was out of stock and didn’t re-stock even months later.

The other issue here is that the user received money from group gifting for furniture and none of the furniture is available to purchase.

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This user above states that Zola’s privacy practices are not privacy-friendly.

According to Zola’s privacy policy, your personal information that you share with them is indeed shared with vendors, consultants, and service providers that act on Zola’s behalf.

This user also has another complaint where items purchased on Zola’s registry had a 9+ month delay with terrible customer support.

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Zola Complaints on TrustPilot

This user above states they didn’t receive many of the items they ordered from their list of wedding gifts.

Plus the items this user received had multiple defects including an area rug with stains.

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This user had a difficult time transferring out cash gifts over $1000 out of their Zola cash registry, and the customer support was not helpful.

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This user had a horrible experience by not being able to receive any of their honeymoon funds because of a denied ID.

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Zola Complaints on BBB

This user also had a terrible experience with their cash funds from their Zola registry being held hostage and not being able to withdraw those funds.

Thankfully, Zola’s customer service team came to the rescue and stated that the maximum cash transfer limit out of Zola is $1000 and requires ID.

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This is yet again another issue with a Zola customer having an issue with being able to withdraw money from their Zola cash registry.

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This user paid for a gift on a couple’s wedding registry and the item was ultimately not delivered.

Zola Complaints on Influenster

This user had an issue with their ordered invitations in the incorrect color and Zola claimed that it was a printing error.

In addition, the Zola website wasn’t exactly user friendly for this person as they said it was very “kludgy”.

Not to mention most items on the Zola registry were marked as “discontinued”.

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Here’s another user that a negative review of Zola’s site because of the customer service, funds being held, and clunky website.

And finally, this user had a bad experience with Zola’s registry and received multiple broken and damaged items.

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Zola Alternatives

As always, we recommend Zola only if it makes sense for your wedding and to take these negative reviews with a pinch of salt.

There’s still plenty of great reviews online with Zola offering a great experience for couples getting married.

But if any of these reviews in this post were a deal-breaker for you, here are some other great Zola wedding registry alternatives to set up your wedding wishlist:

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