This One Simple Reason is Why Cartier Rings Are So Expensive

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How in the world is a single Cartier Love Ring so expensive? Do they help you run faster or something? Not to mention the price on a Cartier bracelet! Like many of our readers have asked us, why are Cartier rings so expensive? And we have the real answer for that. In this post, we’ll into exactly why Cartier rings are so expensive, and if they’re even worth it or not.

Short Answer
Cartier is able to charge a hefty price tag on their rings because of their marketing campaigns. Those campaigns help position the brand into an exclusive and luxurious one. While yes, the quality is outstanding but the price doesn’t justify the value. If you’re looking for a high quality ring at a fraction of the price without sacrificing on value, we recommend James Allen for similar rings you’d find from Cartier stores.

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Table of Contents
• Why Are Cartier Rings So Expensive?
• Are Cartier Rings Worth It?
• Cartier Jewelry Brand Alternatives
• Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Are Cartier Rings So Expensive?

Ever since it’s creation in Paris in 1847 by Louis Cartier, the Cartier brand has been well known in the world of fine jewelry.

They sell popular pieces like their signature Cartier Love Bracelet, the Cartier Trinity Ring, and the Cartier Love Ring to name a few.

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These pieces of fine jewelry come at a hefty price tag … but why?

There’s a few reasons but the biggest reason Cartier rings are so expensive is actually because of their marketing campaigns.

By creating the image of elegance and high quality precious metals through their marketing efforts, the Cartier brand is able to position themselves into the realm of luxury brands.

Many will say it’s because of their high quality, and yes that is part of the equation.

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But there are other brands you probably haven’t heard of like James Allen that sell high quality rings without the hefty price tag because they funnel more of their money into a superior customer experience, as opposed to another marketing campaign.

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Another reason a Cartier engagement ring and Cartier bracelets come at a steep price point is because Cartier has multiple physical locations where they need to pay for rent, utilities, and maintenance.

These costs are passed along to customers where they’ll have to cover these bills when they purchase Cartier jewelry.

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We suppose you can say you helped with Cartier’s electricity bill next time you decide to purchase one of their jewelry creations.

That is why we always advocate for shopping online when it comes to engagement rings and other valuable precious metals like a solid gold ring.

At places like James Allen, you can get the full experience of shopping in-person with their VR Try On Feature, plus you get more affordable jewelry pieces because they don’t need to pass along big costs to their customers.

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Are Cartier Rings Worth It?

If money is not an issue, then yes, Cartier rings are definitely worth it.

They are very well known for their quality materials and craftsmanship.

And that includes Cartier watches and Cartier Love Bracelets.

Not to mention Cartier has some beautiful and timeless designs that you can add to your collection to make a statement with Cartier’s status symbol appeal.

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But, if you’re looking for a plain design like their Cartier Love Ring or the Cartier Love Bracelets, places like James Allen and Blue Nile carry similar designs for a fraction of the price without sacrificing any quality.

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If you’re not looking to drop $5,000 to $30,000 on some Cartier rings, James Allen and Blue Nile carry quality rings without the high price tag.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. But our recommendation is to only purchase a ring from the Cartier store if it’s a unique ring that cannot be purchased elsewhere and if you have a large budget.

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Cartier Jewelry Brand Alternatives

The main appeal with Cartier jewelry is their high quality and reputation.

Here are 3 brands we recommend for their high quality without a hefty price tag, plus you’ll get an outstanding customer experience while shopping at these places:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cartier Ethical?

Yes, according to their Resources of Excellence, Cartier does not source diamonds or other materials from areas of conflict.
If you’re in the market for a Cartier ring, a Love Bracelet, or Cartier watches, you can feel rest assured knowing your fine jewelry is ethically sourced.

Does Cartier Have Good Resale Value?

Yes, Cartier jewelry is known to hold its value over time pretty well.
One of the main reasons for this is because of Cartier’s reputation for high quality craftsmanship and their timeless designs.
Another reason that Cartier has good resale value is because of their popularity and prestige. Many people are always looking to buy Cartier rings, so you’ll never have to worry about finding a buyer.

Is Cartier Good Quality?

Yes, Cartier uses fine materials and fine craftsmanship in every piece they create.
As a result, a Cartier ring often holds good resale value over time which makes it an attractive purchase.
But when it comes to the price-to-value ratio, there are far better brands like James Allen that offer high quality diamonds and jewelry for a fraction of the price.

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