Here’s Exactly When You Should Make and Share Your Wedding Registry

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Wedding registries are one of the most exciting elements of planning a wedding — it’s a lot like a Christmas wishlist as an adult! But knowing when to make wedding registry, or better yet, knowing when to share it, are just as important. There are certain times during when your registry should be made or shared, and other times when you should hold off until later. So we’ve put together this guide to go over exactly when you should make and share your wedding registry.

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• When To Make Your Wedding Registry
• When To Share Your Wedding Registry

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When To Make Your Wedding Registry

Wedding registries are a great way to let your loved ones know exactly what you need and want. So if some of the wedding gifts require some extra thought, it’s important to let your wedding guests know early on to plan accordingly.

It’s important to start thinking about your wedding registry early on — but not too early.

According to wedding registry etiquette, it’s recommended to have a complete wedding registry active 1-4 weeks before the engagement party and no later than the bridal shower.

Websites like Amazon and Crate & Barrel offer checklists for items to include in your registry set and other great resources to help start your wedding registry.

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Once again, it’s best to set up your wedding registry 1-4 weeks before the engagement party but no later than the bridal/wedding shower to give your guests ample time to purchase gifts.

Remember, good wedding etiquette includes being mindful and considerate of your guests and to make giving and receiving wedding gifts as easy as possible for everyone.

You definitely don’t want guests showing up on your wedding date without any idea on your wedding gifts!

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When To Share Your Wedding Registry

The wedding planning process can get super hectic and it’s often hard to plan ahead with so many moving parts!

From the previous section, we know that the best time to make your wedding registry is about 1-4 weeks before your engagement party — but when do you share your wedding registry?

Ideally, you should share your wedding registry at the same time as the wedding invitations

For many guests, the wedding invitation and/or wedding website is the single source of truth for everything they need to know about the wedding event.

So attaching the wedding registry information to the invitation is a great way to share the wedding registry and spread the word!

If you’re sending out a digital invitation, it’s easy to attach a link to your registry directly.

And if you’re sending out a physical card to guests, you can consider adding a QR code that will take them to your wedding registry.

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Remember, good wedding etiquette includes being mindful and consider of your guests and doing what is needed to make gift giving as simple as possible for them.

So head on over to sites like Amazon or Crate & Barrel, start your wedding registry, spread the word, and let the gift giving begin!

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