When Does The Knot Delete Your Wedding Website?

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Your wedding day is finally here and everything has been a success! Except one question lingers over your head like a dark rainy cloud… what happens when The Knot deletes my wedding website? When does it even get deleted? Have no fear — We’re here to restore peace and put your mind to ease! In this post, we’ll uncover when does The Knot delete your website and what happens to your custom wedding website after your wedding day.

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Short Answer
The Knot keeps your wedding website and custom domain active for up to one year after your wedding date. Before the end of the one-year mark, The Knot will email you or send you a message in your account portal to notify you that your website and domain will expire. From there, you can choose to either renew or let the website get deleted.

Table of Contents
• What Happens To My Wedding Website After The Day Has Passed?
• How To Delete The Knot Registry
• The Knot Wedding Registry Alternatives

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What Happens To My Wedding Website After The Day Has Passed?

For many couples, their wedding website is an important part in the wedding planning process.

Not only does The Knot wedding website provide your wedding guests with all the important details of your special day like date, location, and dress code, but it also serves as a hub for your gift registry, photos, and even your unique love story.

But what exactly happens to your beloved wedding website once the wedding day has passed?

According to The Knot’s website, nothing happens to your wedding website after your wedding day.

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They do not delete any information or the wedding website unless it has specifically requested by the wedding website owner (that’s you!).

In fact, the website along with your custom domain remains active and accessible for up to one year after your wedding date.

It’s important to note that the domain does not renew itself automatically, and you’ll be instead notified via email or through your The Knot user account to either renew or delete your wedding website.

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So feel free to keep your website on The Knot up for as long as possible incase you have any last minute gifts on your wedding registry that haven’t been purchased yet.

Or keep it up for good ol’ memories of your wedding party!

How To Delete The Knot Registry

According to The Knot website, if you want to delete your registry or your wedding website, you need to contact their customer service at help@theknot(.)com.

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Be sure to attach your registry link and the email associated with your account.

If you’re looking to delete any registries you’ve synced from other retailers, you’ll have to go on to each retailer’s account management page and delete your account manually from each retailer individually.

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The Knot Wedding Registry Alternatives

If you’re in the market for some wedding registries but The Knot isn’t quite what you’re looking for, we have a few alternatives that you might like (in no particular order):

  • Honeyfund (great for experiences and cash gifts)

  • Zola (great all-rounded registry)

  • Amazon (great for having a wide variety of registry items to choose from)

  • Crate & Barrel (great for home decor items)

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