What is a Wedding Gift Registry?

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Look, let’s be real for a minute. You’re getting married and you want gifts. Who doesn’t? It’s time to talk about wedding registries. What the heck is a wedding registry, you ask? In this article, we’ll uncover what exactly a wedding gift registry is, how a wedding registry works, how to make a wedding registry, and some basic registry etiquette rules to jumpstart your wedding!

Here’s what we’ll cover…
• What is a Wedding Gift Registry?
• How Does a Wedding Registry Work?
• How Do You Make a Wedding Registry?
• Wedding Registry Etiquette

What is a Wedding Gift Registry?

Planning weddings can be daunting tasks, and having to worry about returning or exchanging unneeded gifts is a whole other task couples shouldn’t have to worry about. Wedding registries solve this problem!

The Knot Registry

Think of a wedding gift registry as a Christmas wish list for adults, minus the part where you have to be good all year round.

On a registry, you get to pick out any gifts you’d like, add them to a list, and your guests are pretty much obligated to buy them for you (only half joking of course).

It’s a bit like a reverse bake sale… instead of selling cupcakes for a good cause, you’re begging for a KitchenAid mixer. And who doesn’t want a KitchenAid mixer?

Jokes aside, the soon-to-be bride and groom create a list of desired gifts they would like after they get married.

These gifts are typically functional that can help the couple make a smoother transition into married life. For example, that can mean moving out in a new place.

As a result, many couples tend to ask for kitchen appliances, speakers, silverware, or funding towards a new couch to name a few.

By creating a wish list, wedding gifts become a lot more straightforward and remove the guesswork from the gift-giving process.

How Does a Wedding Registry Work?

A wedding registry is like a wish list on steroids.

You put all the things you and your partner want from wedding guests into one convenient list, and your guests can pick from that list to gift you the things you actually want.

Zola Registry

By having a wedding registry, you also eliminate the chances of guests gifting you duplicate presents. On your wedding website or online registries, guests will be able to see if a gift you want has been purchased already.

Think of a registry as giving your guests a map to a treasure chest filled with all the gifts and presents you and your partner desire.

So go ahead and add that 75-inch TV and KitchenAid mixer, because its your day and you deserve it all!

Just make sure to thank your guests with something more than a thank you card. Maybe some baked goods? Skip ahead to the Wedding Registry Etiquette section for more information.

How Do You Make a Wedding Registry?

After finding someone that can finally put up with your weird habits and loves you for who you are, the real work begins…. making a wedding registry!

Don’t worry, it’s really not that complicated at all.

Amazon Wedding Registry

The first thing to do is to find a website that will host your registry. Places like Amazon, The Knot, and Zola are great places to start.

Once that’s all set up, you can start adding items to your registry.

After that? Share the list with your wedding attendees to let them know you have a registry.

Bonus tip: Having a wedding website and/or sending a digital wedding invitation to your guests is a great way to spread the message of your registry information.

This makes your entire wedding gift experience easier!

Wedding Registry Etiquette

There aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to having a wedding registry. But there are some proper etiquette to consider when you’re on the receiving end for gifts.

To start, don’t go crazy with the gift requests! Sure that popcorn maker looks good now, but think long term. Are you really going to use it more than once or twice?

Secondly, don’t get too upset if you don’t get what you want. Gratitude is important, so learn to appreciate all gifts even if a guest gives you something that wasn’t on your list. It’s the thought that counts!

And finally, don’t forget to say “thank you” when receiving gifts. Respect is a two-way street and many guests will appreciate a simple thank you for even acknowledging the effort.

Try not to be that person that expects gifts just because you hosted a wedding. While there is some truth to it and weddings tend to cost a lot, it can definitely rub off the wrong way to many guests. So be sure to say thank you!

You can always take it a step further and have a personalized thank-you video note or a personalized thank-you card to guests.

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