The Knot Complaints: Every Couple Should Know This

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It’s a common struggle for couples to scour across wedding forums trying to make sure they made the right decision for their wedding website. It’s important to know about all the complaints that have been made against the wedding website vendor of their choice. Yes, it’s an unpleasant task – but hey! It can save you a lot of headache and tears down the line. In this post, we’ll uncover all the complaints couples have had against The Knot to ultimately help you make a more confident decision — so let’s work those Knots out!

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• The Knot Complaints on Reddit
• The Knot Complaints on BBB
• The Knot Complaints on TrustPilot
• The Knot Alternatives

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The Knot Complaints on Reddit

Weddings are the happiest days of our lives. But for some brides and grooms, their big day is full of negative experiences and negative reviews of The Knot.

Couples use Reddit as a way to leave honest and open feedback that details everything from bad customer service to issues with wedding professionals.

This transparency makes Reddit a great place to get some complaints that are 100% legit and also makes it harder to read fake reviews.

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In this Reddit post above, this user mentions how they chose Zola over The Knot to create their wedding website because of the limited customization options on The Knot, the designs made it tough to read, and all the information was crammed onto one page.

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This user didn’t like The Knot because of their limited templates for their wedding invitations and website.

Here’s another user that also has a complaint about The Knot’s limited design selections for their wedding website.

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The Knot Complaints on BBB

This negative review above is pretty long so strap in for the read!

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This negative review above on the Better Business Bureau has to do with the user’s banking information being saved on The Knot’s website.

This bad review is because a vendor that this user worked with from The Knot kept making mistakes and their calls were not being returned.

As a result, they requested a full refund and didn’t receive any response from any representatives from The Knot.

Thankfully, The Knot responded and assigned a manager to this negative review to handle and resolve their concerns

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The Knot Complaints on TrustPilot

This user on TrustPilot did not like the RSVP design options from The Knot, and the customer support team was not very helpful when a certain feature wasn’t working.

Here’s another user that didn’t like The Knot website because it was glitchy and the customer service was not great.

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And here is yet again another user of The Knot that didn’t like the wedding website.

They mentioned the website looks great from the guests’ perspective, but from the back-end where the couples see it, the website is very difficult to navigate and not very user-friendly.

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The Knot Alternatives

Like every wedding website, The Knot has it’s flaws.

As always, we recommend taking these negative reviews with a pinch of salt.

There are plenty of great positive reviews from couples that enjoyed using The Knot for their wedding.

But if any of these negative reviews from this post were a deal-breaker for you, here’s a few other alternatives to The Knot to help with your wedding:

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