These Unique Lab Created Engagement Rings Will Make Her Jaw Drop

Unique Lab Created Engagement Rings

Lab grown diamonds are superior to mined diamonds. After all, they don’t break the bank, they’re physically and chemically identical to mined diamonds, and they don’t harm the environment. One common complaint we hear a lot is that lab created engagement rings aren’t very unique. Well we’re here to show you how wrong you are. … Read more

Brilliant Earth vs James Allen: What’s The Better Diamond Retailer?

Brilliant Earth vs James Allen

Shopping for your perfect diamond ring is exciting yet overwhelming. You’re stressed when it comes to finding the perfect gemstone or diamond that’s right for you – so you start researching online and come across Brilliant Earth vs James Allen. These two popular diamond retailers promise the best quality at fair prices. But which one … Read more

Clean Origin vs Blue Nile: Which Diamond Retailer Is Better?

Clean Origin vs Blue Nile

Can’t decide between Clean Origin or Blue Nile for your next engagement ring? Look no further – we have you covered! Here’s what we’ll compare in this shopping guide: Let’s jump right into it! Read also: Clean Origin Review: Are They Trustworthy? Read also: Blue Nile Review: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Bottom … Read more