Looking For a Blue Nile Show Room? Here’s Where To Find Them

Blue Nile Locations

With outstanding customer service and their signature Astor Diamond Collection, Blue Nile has quickly become a popular choice for couples looking to buy engagement rings and other diamond jewelry. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or that special someone in your life, Blue Nile has quite a few show rooms that you can visit to check … Read more

Here Are The Best Engagement Rings For Nurses in 2023

Best Engagement Rings For Nurses

There’s a common misconception that an engagement ring for a nurse or medical professional has to look bland and boring. Or even *gasp* that they shouldn’t be wearing rings altogether! But what if there was another alternative where nurses can safely wear rings that look beautiful without affecting their day-to-day tasks? That’s exactly what we’re … Read more

These Unique Lab Created Engagement Rings Will Make Her Jaw Drop

Unique Lab Created Engagement Rings

Lab grown diamonds are superior to mined diamonds. After all, they don’t break the bank, they’re physically and chemically identical to mined diamonds, and they don’t harm the environment. One common complaint we hear a lot is that lab created engagement rings aren’t very unique. Well we’re here to show you how wrong you are. … Read more