The Dark Side of James Allen: Unveiling Complaints

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Sometimes, the brands we love the most aren’t always sunshine and rainbows. Some shoppers may have had a bad shopping experience — perhaps the craftsmanship of the engagement ring was poor, or maybe the center diamond was not what they expected. Complaints are bound to happen and they are important to know in order to make an educated buying decision. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the complaints customers have regarding James Allen rings on the internet.

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• James Allen Complaints on Reddit
• James Allen Complaints on Google Reviews
• James Allen Complaints on BBB
• James Allen Alternatives

James Allen Complaints on Reddit

In this Reddit post, u/taus635 explains how they had customized an engagement ring from James Allen, but realized the diamond size was totally different in the confirmation emails.

After escalating this issue to their customer support team, u/taus635 was told that this was a system error and James Allen would not be able to sell them the original diamond after u/taus635 had paid for it in full upfront.

Here are a few of the replies:

On that note, you can check out our full review on Costco engagement rings here.

James Allen Complaints on Google Reviews

In this section, we’ll take a look at the 1-star reviews from James Allen’s NYC showroom.

Despite all the negative reviews, one thing we like is that James Allen will always reply with a custom message to sort out the issue and outline next steps.

This goes to show that they care about their reputation and it’s refreshing to see a brand that doesn’t reply with automated messages for their reviews.

James Allen Complaints on BBB

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the complaints shoppers have posted on the Better Business Bureau.

For those that don’t know, the Better Business Bureau (BBB for short) is an accreditation given to businesses that are verified and legitimate.

And sometimes users will go on to a company’s BBB page and leave reviews.

Once again, we can see that the responses James Allen gives are very specific and not written by a bot.

Glad to see James Allen followed up on this complaint above and posted this shortly after…

James Allen Alternatives

No brand is ever perfect and there will always be a few unhappy customers.

The important thing to note here is how the brand works with its customers to fix these problems.

But if you’re going through some of these complaints and realize it’s a deal-breaker, we have a few James Allen alternatives we recommend you check out:

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