Honeyfund Review – Is It Legit?

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Wedding registries with toasters and coffee machines are so last year! Funding your dream honeymoon or a down payment is the new trend with couples. The most popular platform to help with that is Honeyfund. But are they legit? Let’s find out in this honest review of Honeyfund!

Bottom Line Recommendation
Honeyfund is the real deal. With close to $1 billion paid in cash to happy couples, they’re also partnered with a Shark Tank investor and are the #1 honeymoon registry in the world right now.
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Table of Contents
• Is Honeyfund Legit?
• How Does Honeyfund Work?
• What Percentage Does Honeyfund Take?
• How Does Honeyfund Make Money?

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Is Honeyfund Legit?

So you’re planning your wedding and deciding if you should create a honeymoon fund or not.

And might’ve heard about Honeyfund and its honeymoon registry — but you’re wondering if it’s legit or not.

Rest assured, Honeyfund is the real deal!

Aside from the many positive Honeyfund reviews online, they’re also partnered with a Shark Tank investor and are the #1 honeymoon registry in the world right now.

Not to mention close to $1 billion has been gifted to couples around the world on their popular online platform.

Setting up your Honeymoon registries on Honeyfund is a simple and easy process which your wedding guests will appreciate.

It makes it seamless for them to gift you a contribution towards your honeymoon experiences instead of just another kitchen or decor item.

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Plus, once your guests gift you all this money, it goes straight into your bank account or a Paypal account. Talk about convenient!

So go ahead and create a Honeyfund registry today, and give your wedding guests the chance to give you and your partner the greatest wedding gift of all — an unforgettable dream honeymoon!

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How Does Honeyfund Work?

Have you or your partner ever been stumped by what to receive as the perfect wedding gift?

Do you wish you could receive something more memorable rather than a new toaster?

This is where Honeyfund comes in!

With Honeyfund, you can set up once in a lifetime experiences as your goal for your wedding registry.

Imagine a romantic dinner in Paris, playing with elephants in Thailand, or using the funds for a down payment to name a few!

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In a nutshell, Honeyfund allows friends and family to contribute to a registered couple’s bank account.

At the same time, Honeyfund also offers ideas for perfect wedding experiences and connects users to wedding planners that can help you plan your perfect day.

The best part? All of this can be done through your own custom one-page wedding website that you can share with wedding guests.

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How does it work? Simple!

Create a profile, Honeyfund will ask you a few questions about your wedding, connect your bank account, create your one-page custom wedding website (optional), share your website/registry, and let the cash gifts come pouring in!

After that? Enjoy your dream vacation, down payment, donation, or whatever else you choose to do with your money!

And last but not least, Honeyfund will help you send out a personalized note to say thank-you to everyone who contributed to your unforgettable memories.

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What Percentage Does Honeyfund Take?

So you’re planning your wedding and decide you want to set up a Honeyfund to help fund your dream honeymoon.

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One big question you may be wondering is what percentage does Honeyfund take?

The good news is that Honeyfund is completely free.

With your Honeyfund wallet, you can redeem your funds to your Venmo or Paypal account without paying a single penny.

The only downside is that Venmo or Paypal may charge you a small fee on their end.

The Honeyfund website also mentions a small fee will be taken if you choose to redeem your funds directly to your bank account.

We’d assume these are standard bank fees and we wouldn’t sweat it too much.

And if you’re worried about those pesky credit card processing fees, we wouldn’t sweat that either as Honeyfund won’t pass those along to you.

Plus, this makes setting up your payment settings a complete breeze.

So there’s no need to stress over money when you’re planning your big day – just let users sign up and enjoy your celebration stress-free knowing your dream honeymoon awaits you!

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How Does Honeyfund Make Money?

If Honeyfund doesn’t charge couples a fee, how exactly does it make money then?

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According to their FAQ, Honeyfund makes money in other ways which include the sale of gift cards and sponsorships from partners that offer services on their site like honeymoon travel, store gift registries, and wedding products and services.

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