Before You Buy: Unveiling Honeyfund Registry Complaints

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Planning a wedding isn’t always sunshine and rainbows — especially when it comes to the registry! Honeyfund is a popular website for couples to set up cash funds to accept money from wedding guests. But before you dive head-first into their registry, we’ll take a closer look into some common complaints users have had in the past regarding Honeyfund’s registry experience. Let’s dive right into it!

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• Honeyfund Complaints on Reddit
• Honeyfund Complaints on TrustPilot
• Honeyfund Complaints on BBB
• Honeyfund Registry Alternatives

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Honeyfund Complaints on Reddit

Reddit is a great place to find authentic and transparent reviews on most wedding registries.

The community is made up of many couples that have experienced the ups and downs of sites like Honeyfund.

Here’s one negative review we found on Honeyfund on Reddit:

Aside from this negative review, we couldn’t find many others on Reddit and I was pretty surprised to say the least.

When I take a look at the negative experiences many couples had from registries like Zola, I was impressed to see that Honeyfund didn’t actually have a whole lot of bad reviews on Reddit.

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Honeyfund Complaints on TrustPilot

This negative review above is a bit of an odd one.

Many users expressed gratitude in Honeyfund’s stellar customer support. But unfortunately, this user did not have a pleasant experience getting their funds out of Honeyfund and the customer support took too long to get back.

According to Honeyfund’s website, their withdrawal process takes about 2-3 days. So this review might be an outlier.

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This user above on TrustPilot had a difficult time using Honeyfund’s website and the customer support wasn’t very helpful.

This user above also had a difficult time dealing with customer support at Honeyfund.

The other thing to note is that PayPal unfortunately does take a bit of a fee off every cash donations, although not by much.

This fee isn’t charged by Honeyfund and they can’t do anything about PayPal’s fee.

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Honeyfund Complaints on BBB

Personally, I enjoy finding negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau because I get to see how businesses interact with customers and solve their complaints.

In this complaint above on the BBB, this user mentioned it took 2 weeks to get their funds out of Honeyfund and into PayPal.

Honeyfund customer service ended up replying stating that this user did in fact receive their money exactly as they requested it.

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This user above also had a hard time getting their wedding funds on time.

It looks like Honeyfund’s customer support team replied the same day and sent another email to this user with instructions to redeem their funds.

And finally, this user mentioned how difficult it’s been to retrieve the gifts their family had sent.

Plus, the customer support has been really slow to respond to their queries and concerns.

This is a bit of a tricky situation because the customer support rep wasn’t able to see any pending issues on their account and the user was also able to successfully redeem their gifts.

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Honeyfund Registry Alternatives

In our opinion, despite (very few) negative Honeyfund reviews, we would still strongly suggest Honeyfund as the best wedding website to set up a cash fund for receiving gifts and money.

But if any of these negative reviews were a dealbreaker for your wedding, here are some other alternatives worth checking out for your wedding registry:

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