5 Beautiful Halo Engagement Rings She’ll Say Yes To

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Ready to take your relationship to the next level? There’s no better way than surprising her with a stunning halo engagement ring that will bring out her inner princess! With so many styles, cuts and colors available, you can find the perfect ring for your beloved. We’ve put together 5 beautiful halo engagement rings — from traditional shapes to more daring choices — guaranteed to make her say “yes!”

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Why Are Halo Engagement Rings So Popular?

Halo engagement rings have been around for years and show no sign of fading.

Thanks to their sophisticated and luxurious look, halo engagement rings have become a popular choice for brides-to-be. These stunning rings feature a large center stone, typically a diamond or a gemstone.

halo ring

The “halo ring” is created with the halo setting. In this setting, multiple smaller stones surround the larger center stone.

Due to this design, halo rings give the illusion of having a much larger center stone, with some even appearing to be two to three carats when it reality it’s actually just one.

In addition, halo engagement rings are a popular choice because of their price. Depending on your budget, a halo ring can be customized with multiple options to suit your style that won’t break the bank.

We recommend speaking with a jewelry consultant to get a second opinion, or email us at hello@lifelinewedding.com and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Where To Buy Halo Engagement Rings

If you’re in the market for a halo engagement ring, we recommend purchasing from James Allen or Clean Origin.

james allen

Both retailers offer a wide selection of natural and lab created diamonds in various designs ranging from vintage, to modern, to contemporary pieces. You can customize every detail including the size, shape, cut, metal type, diamond details and more.

James Allen offers the best warranty policy we’ve seen on any diamond retailer and offers plenty of discounts to ensure your purchase doesn’t break the bank. Right now, James Allen is offering 25% off on all wedding and anniversary rings. More details here.

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Clean Origin on the other hand takes it a step further and offers lab created diamonds that are responsibly made in the USA and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. One thing to note with Clean Origin is they never go on sale because they already have the lowest prices in the industry. On average, Clean Origin is 30-40% more affordable than comparable in store brands. Check it out here for yourself.

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Regardless of which retailer you choose to buy, they both offer first-class service and unbeatable prices that are sure to make the search for your halo engagement ring an enjoyable experience.

Now that you know where to buy your halo engagement ring, let’s dive into some of our favorite ones.

The Classic Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

classic diamond halo ring

This 1.01 carat VVS1 Excellent Cut Round Diamond halo engagement ring from James Allen for $4430 is an amazing classic piece. The sparkle on this one is bright and filled with tiny diamonds in a single row along the setting. When you think of a traditional halo ring, this is exactly it. You get a large round diamond in the center with multiple smaller stones surrounding the center.

classic halo ring

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The Vintage-Inspired Halo Engagement Ring

This lab created diamond with 1.39 carat VS2 True Hearts Cut Vintage-Inspired halo engagement ring from James Allen for $4430 is truly one of favorite unique finds.

vintage inspired halo ring

Now this isn’t your typical vintage ring since many don’t like the antique look on one. So instead, we found this vintage-inspired ring with a similar antique vibe with their infinity setting. This ring has a perfect blend of both vintage and modern for couples that want something right in the middle of both.

vintage inspired

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The Modern Twist on the Halo Engagement Ring

This lab created diamond halo ring with 1.97 carats, VVS2 clarity, Ideal Cut, and twisted pavé setting is the perfect jewelry piece for your loved one.

twisted pave halo ring

We love how modern and elegant this looks with the twisted pavé setting which adds an extra layer of luxury to the ring. You can choose to have a white gold or platinum setting but we’re huge fans of how the platinum looks on this ring.

twisted halo ring

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The Colorful Halo Engagement Ring

We’re going to change things up a bit here and include this stunning sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring.

blue sapphire halo ring

At 2.18 carats with a Cushion Cut, we really love this gemstone and diamond-blended ring. In fact, we’re pleasantly surprised with how well the deep blue from the sapphire works so well with the sparkle of the diamond halo around the gemstone. This two tone ring can work with any other gemstone like an emerald or ruby, but we find that sapphire works the best with other diamonds.

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The Halo Engagement Ring with a Pop of Personality

We reserved this one for brides with a bold personality.

halo ring with personality

This 1.98 carat VS1 Oval Cut diamond halo engagement ring from James Allen screams affluent and is certain to turn heads. Coming in at a pretty penny, this luxurious ring definitely isn’t for everyone. But at this level of sparkle and brilliance, this ring is symbolic to your high status and elegant personality.

ovat cut diamond halo

Of course you don’t need to spend anywhere close to $20,000 for a diamond engagement ring. In fact, $3000-$5000 seems to be an ideal range for most people. But hey, it’s your money and we can’t stop you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a halo protect your diamond?

Not entirely. While yes, the smaller surrounding stones can provide some protection to the larger center stone, any damage to the surrounding stones will take away from the overall beauty of the halo ring. This is why we strongly recommend you speak with a jewelry expert or take a look at any verified retailer’s warranty policy. Most warranty policies protect your ring from damages and day-to-day wear and tear. It never hurts to have an additional layer of security and protection with your warranty, even if the halo on your ring can protect your diamond.

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Are halo engagement rings a fad?

Halo engagement rings have been around for many years now. While they’ve definitely gained some traction and popularity in recent years among many brides, the iconic design of the halo has managed to remain timelessly popular. Many brides look for an alternative to the traditional classic solitaire look by instead opting in for the diamond halo look. By customizing your halo ring from places like James Allen, you can add details that are personal to your style to ensure the ring has meaning and value for years to come.

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Is $5000 enough for a halo ring?

Yes. $5000 is more than enough for a halo ring. In fact, the sweet spot for a diamond halo ring is between $3000 to $5000. While you can definitely find some for cheaper, we don’t recommend going less than $2000.

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