Can Men Wear Engagement Rings?

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Traditionally, engagement rings are worn by women. But in recent years, there’s been a growing trend of men wearing engagement rings. While many see this as a symbol of equality, many others see this as a break from tradition. So can men really wear engagement rings?

Short Answer
Yes, men can absolutely wear engagement rings. Although historically this is not a very common practice, times have changed and many popular retailers offer engagement rings for men because of this growing trend.

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What Makes Engagement Rings For Men Different?
Best Place To Buy Engagement Rings For Men
Are Engagement Rings Only For Women?
Tips For Buying an Engagement Ring For Your Man
Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Engagement Rings For Men Different?

One key you’ll notice right off the bat is that men’s engagement rings look a lot like a wedding band. There aren’t any large center stones or dainty designs. For the most part, they tend to look more bold and have a thicker band of about 6 to 8mm.

james allen 14k white gold men engagement rings

A channel-set design is most common for a male engagement ring. You can find them in various metal settings including 14k and 18k yellow gold, 14k and 18k white gold, platinum, and rose gold.

james allen 18k yellow gold

In terms of the band itself, male engagement rings are either classic, carved, diamond, or alternative. Of all those band designs, diamond is your best bet for an engagement ring. We recommend the other designs for the wedding band.

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james allen carved mens rings

Best Place To Buy Engagement Rings For Men

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring for a special man in your life, James Allen is an excellent option. In fact, James Allen and Tiffany are quite possibly the only major retailers offering engagement rings for men at the moment.

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james allen homepage

While the trend for men to wear engagement rings is quite new, many stores haven’t caught on yet. This is why we recommend James Allen.

Not only do they offer free shipping in Canada and The United States, they’re affordable and carry a wide selection of high quality engagement rings for men.

james allen carved designs

If you’re still not sure James Allen is right for you, check out our brutally honest review here where we go through their overall shopping experience, customer support team, and compare their prices to other popular stores like Clean Origin and Tiffany & Co.

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Are Engagement Rings Only for Women?

In the past, women wearing engagement rings were seen as a traditional practice when they were given by their partners. Nowadays, that’s no longer the case.

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An increasing number of couples in recent years are now opting to get two engagement rings to exchange at a proposal. These engagement rings are exchanged either at the same proposal, which may be difficult to coordinate especially if it’s a surprise, or both parties can each plan their own proposal which has become a popular idea recently.

rings for men and women

Having two engagement rings allows couples to have a modern twist on tradition and allows both parties to wear a physical symbol of love and commitment. This helps create balance in the relationship and doesn’t place any biases on gender roles, especially for same sex couples.

engagement rings for men

At the end of the day, this is entirely a personal choice and there is no rule that says men should or should not wear an engagement ring. You and your partner are free to have your engagement and wedding done in any manner you both will love and appreciate.

Tips For Buying an Engagement Ring For Your Man

  • Know his style

  • Know his preferences

  • Shop online

Know his style

Before you buy an engagement ring for your man, figure out how he would like his ring to look. Would he prefer a thicker band with complex designs and diamonds? Or perhaps he wants something more simple, low-key, and not very flashy.

bold design

Know his preferences

Some men may not even want an engagement ring at all, especially considering how new the idea is. Find out if your man is someone who will appreciate the gesture. On the other hand, some men may not be able to wear rings at all if they live an active or hands-on lifestyle.

unique design

There was one scenario in the past where one of our clients (a bride-to-be) wanted to get her soon-to-be husband an engagement ring and he was very much open to the idea. However, he was a basketball player and would have to frequently remove his jewelry. Added with the fact that he was quite forgetful and would misplace a lot of items, the bride-to-be eventually reconsidered the idea due to his active lifestyle and the high possibility that he would lose the ring.

Their solution? Ring finger tattoos. But that’s a story for a different time.

Shop online

Shopping online is a great way to explore multiple designs and options for male engagement rings without leaving the comfort of your house. All you would really need to know is his ring size.

fashionable design

Online stores tend to be more affordable as well since they don’t need to pay for overhead costs associated with a physical store. For many shoppers, James Allen is a great place to begin your search for engagement rings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Buys The Engagement Ring For The Man?

In most cases, the man will buy himself an engagement ring when proposing to his partner. Both will wear an engagement ring on their left hand at the proposal on the same day. In other cases, once the man proposes with an engagement ring to his partner, his partner will typically plan another proposal afterwards where she will give her husband-to-be an engagement ring.

What Happens To The Engagement Ring After The Wedding?

After the wedding, men can continue to wear both the engagement ring and the wedding band on the same finger. But if two rings are not ideal because of his career or lifestyle, then typically the engagement ring gets stored away in a safe place for memory’s sake and the wedding band becomes the main sole ring. In other cases, men can also move the engagement ring to the right hand ring finger and keep the wedding band on the left hand ring finger.

Should Both Partners Wear Engagement Rings?

There is no official rule that says you can’t! If both partners are comfortable with the idea then have it your way. Making your proposal and wedding unique and special to you and your partner is what makes them so amazing in the first place. Everything can be altered to your preferences and if both you and your partner want to wear engagement rings, then nothing should stop you.

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