The Best Valentine’s Day Engagement Ring Sales [2024]

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Valentine’s Day is a special day full of love in the air… and tons of deals for the perfect engagement ring! But with so many options to choose from, where do you even begin? In this buyer’s guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best Valentine’s day engagement ring sales to help you find that perfect engagement ring to make your proposal even more memorable.

With that being said, let’s dive right into it!

Best Valentine’s Day Deal

Buyer’s Note: As we continue to find more deals, we will keep updating this list. This list will not have every single deal. Instead, we will only post the ones that we consider valuable for our readers.

The Best Engagement Ring Deals for Valentine’s Day

James Allen Valentine’s Day Sale

James Allen Valentines Day Sale is one you don’t want to miss. With 25% OFF a wide selection of high quality and customisable engagement rings, this James Allen deal will help you find the engagement ring of your dreams with ease.

Visit James Allen

Clean Origin Valentine’s Day Sale

Although Clean Origin doesn’t run any sales, we still highly recommend checking our their collection of lab grown diamonds this Valentine’s Day for some affordable engagement rings.

Visit Clean Origin

Ritani Valentine’s Day Sale

This Valentine’s day promotion from Ritani is giving all shoppers a whopping 30% OFF on lab grown and natural diamond engagement rings.

Ritani offers additional discount codes which we’ll update here as soon as possible once they’re released. But for now, shoppers can enjoy 30% OFF for Valentine’s day.

Visit Ritani

Blue Nile Valentine’s Day Sale

Possibly the largest Valentine’s Day sale is back with a bang this year. Blue Nile is offering 50% OFF on select diamond jewelry and engagement rings for you and your loved ones.

Visit Blue Nile

Charles and Colvard Valentine’s Day Sale

Moissanite engagement rings are the newest trend. And this Valentine’s Day, Charles and Colvard is giving shoppers 30% OFF sitewide to purchase fine jewelry and wedding rings for your Valentine’s.

Visit Charles and Colvard

Swarovski Valentine’s Day Sale

If crystal and cubic zirconia are your type, then Swarovski is the place for you! This Valentine’s day, they’re giving customers 30% OFF on select engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Visit Swarovski

Bario Neal Valentine’s Day Sale

Looking for handmade, unique engagement rings made by local skilled artisans using sustainable materials? Look no further than Bario Neal. Their wide selection of unique engagement rings are 20% OFF this Valentine’s day.

Visit Bario Neal

Forever Moissanite Valentine’s Day Sale

Another great place we recommend for moissanite jewelry and engagement rings is Forever Moissanite. This Valentine’s day, they’re giving back to shoppers with 25% OFF on select engagement rings.

Visit Forever Moissanite

Dazzling Rock Valentine’s Day Sale

Based in LA, Dazzling Rock has impressed customers time and time again since 2004. And to take things a step further, they’re offering customers 15% OFF select wedding bands and engagement rings for Valentine’s Day.

Visit Dazzling Rock


How to Shop for Engagement Rings on Valentine’s Day

  1. Set a budget

  2. Consider your partner’s style

  3. Do your research

Set a budget

Before you begin your search for the perfect engagement ring on Valentine’s day, take into account your income, expenses, and any financial obligations to set a budget.

budget 1

Knowing how much you’re willing to spend on your engagement ring will save you plenty of time and frustration later down the road when you’re shopping.

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budget 2

Many will say to use the 2 or 3-month-rule, but the truth is, there is no hard and fast rule for how much you should spend on your engagement ring. We recommend spending only what you are comfortable with.

Consider your partner’s style

Now that you have your budget set, it’s time to start thinking about what your styles your partner will appreciate.

style 1

Does your partner like simple and elegant designs? Or perhaps they appreciate bold and head-turning designs.

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Your partner’s lifestyle is also something to consider. Do they have plenty of hobbies or a career that involves a lot of activity like an athlete, personal trainer, gardener, or a medical professional? Then maybe a large carat diamond ring isn’t the greatest idea for everyday wear.

style 2

Knowing your partner’s style will help you find a ring that you and your partner will admire and enjoy for years to come.

Do your research

When you have your budget set and your partner’s ideal style in mind, it’s now time to do some research!

research 1

We recommend visiting different jewelry websites and in-store locations to get an idea of what you can purchase within your budget and preferences.

Read reviews, find recommendations, and ask questions. You can check with friends and family, trustworthy websites, and even consider booking virtual appointments with credible engagement ring professionals.

research 2

Don’t be afraid to compare prices and Valentine’s day deals to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Valentine’s Day a good day to buy engagement rings?

Yes! Valentine’s Day is full of great deals and discounts for you to scoop up that beautiful engagement ring you’ve had your eye on — for a low price! Black Friday and Christmas are also great times to buy engagement rings during the year.

How do I find my partner’s ring size?

Making sure your engagement ring fits perfectly is crucial to the longevity and beauty of your engagement ring. Here’s a detailed guide on how to measure your ring size.

Should I insure my engagement ring?

We strongly recommend grabbing insurance for your engagement ring. A good insurance plan will provide you and your partner with a peace of mind incase anything might go wrong (damages, loss, theft, etc.). Here’s a detailed guide on how to insure your engagement ring.

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