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Lab grown diamonds are all the craze these days. After all, they’re cheaper than regular diamonds, they don’t harm the environment, and arguably look better than regular diamonds.

That’s why many couples are opting to buy lab grown diamonds without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we’ll go through why lab grown diamonds are better than mined diamonds and our top recommendations for the best place to buy lab grown diamonds on a budget.

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Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Mined Diamonds
Benefits Of Lab Grown Diamonds
How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Made
Where To Buy Affordable Lab Grown Diamonds Online
Frequently Asked Questions
Final Thoughts

Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Mined Diamonds

When shopping for diamonds, you may be wondering whether to choose lab grown or mined diamonds. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to evaluate your priorities before making a decision.

lab grown vs mined diamonds

Two factors that are best to use for comparison are budget and environmental impact.

Lab Grown Diamonds


Lab grown diamonds (also referred to as lab created or synthetic diamonds) offer a more affordable alternative to mined diamonds, so they may be a better option if you’re working with a limited budget.

These diamonds are created in a controlled environment, which allows for greater precision and a higher yield. As a result, lab-grown diamonds are typically 20-30% cheaper than mined diamonds.

lab grown diamond discount

Environmental impact

In addition, lab-grown diamonds have a smaller environmental impact. The process of mining diamonds can be damaging to the environment, but lab-grown diamonds are created using renewable energy sources.

This allows lab created diamonds to be more environmentally friendly compared to traditionally mined diamonds.

Mined Diamonds


Mined diamonds tend to be more expensive compared to lab grown diamonds because of the process to mine the diamonds out of the Earth. Typically the process is very extensive and requires high energy consumption.

Moreover, since no two mined diamonds are alike, this creates exclusivity and a certain aspect of uniqueness in each diamond which would in return drive the prices up.

Environmental Impact

As mentioned before, the process to mine diamonds from the Earth is much more extensive compared to lab created diamonds. This process requires heavy machinery and explosives which pollutes the surrounding environment and those machines need to dig deep into the Earth to search for diamonds, ultimately leaving behind a carbon footprint which harms the local ecosystem.

diamond mining process
Infographic Courtesy: Minerals Council South Africa

Lab grown diamonds on the other hand don’t require mining operations that can damage the environment, and they don’t conflict with the diamond trade, which often funds wars and violence.

For these reasons, many people believe that lab-grown diamonds are a better option than mined diamonds.

However, if you do choose to purchase a mined diamond, be sure to look for the conflict free ones.

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Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

For many people, diamonds are the epitome of luxury, especially on diamond engagement rings. They are rare, beautiful, and notoriously expensive. However, synthetic diamonds are quickly becoming a popular alternative to natural diamonds.

lab grown diamonds

These diamonds are created in a lab, so they’re more affordable than natural diamonds. Plus, lab created diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in terms of physical and chemical properties.

In addition to being more affordable, lab created diamonds are also more environmentally friendly than natural diamonds. The process of mining and processing natural diamonds is very damaging to the environment.

By contrast, lab created diamonds don’t require any mining or processing. So as mentioned before, they have a much smaller environmental footprint.

Furthermore, lab created diamonds are often more pure than mined diamonds, since they don’t contain impurities that can be found in natural diamonds. As a result, many jewellers are now offering lab created diamonds as an alternative to mined diamonds.

lab diamonds

So there you have it folks! Lab created diamonds are cheaper, better for the environment, and look better. What is there not to love about them?

How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Made

Alright so now we know how great lab created diamonds are. But how exactly is a lab grown diamond made?

Synthetic diamonds are created using advanced technology that replicates the conditions under which natural diamonds are formed. The process begins by subjecting a small carbon seed to high temperatures and pressures.

This creates a diamond “growth blank” which is then placed in a chamber known as a growth cell. Within this cell, more carbon is added to the blank, which slowly builds up into a larger diamond.

lab diamond process

The final product is a diamond that is chemically and physically identical to those found in nature. While lab created diamonds have only been available for a few decades, they have already become popular among those who seek an eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds.

Thanks to their environmentally friendly production methods and lower price point, lab grown diamonds are poised to play an increasingly important role in the online jewelry industry.

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Where To Buy Affordable Lab Grown Diamonds Online

James Allen

Looking for the best place to buy lab created diamonds online with a wide selection? Look no further than James Allen.

James Allen’s website carries a wide selection of quality lab diamonds, and you can easily filter by carat weight, color, clarity, and price. They also offer free shipping and returns, lifetime warranty, and an amazing shopping experience, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

james allen lab diamonds

They also offer an excellent customer service team with diamond experts who can help you select the right diamond and answer any questions you may have.

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In our personal experience, James Allen has consistently impressed us and our readers when it comes to purchasing a lab created diamond engagement ring.

But not everything is all sunshine and rainbows at James Allen. Check out our in-depth full review of James Allen to see if they’re right for you.

Visit James Allen.

Clean Origin

Clean Origin is one of the leading retailers of lab grown diamonds, offering an extensive selection of stones at highly competitive prices.

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Their diamonds are certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and come with a certificate of authenticity. Clean Origin also offers a wide range of engagement ring styles to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect ring for your budget.

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clean origin lab diamonds

There’s a bunch of great things we can say about Clean Origin like how they offer a lifetime warranty on all of their diamonds, ensuring that your investment will last a lifetime. But that would certainly make this blog post a lot longer than it really needs to be.

You can check out our detailed Clean Origin review here (coming soon).

If you’re looking for an affordable and accessible option for buying lab grown diamonds, Clean Origin is definitely worth checking out.

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Visit Clean Origin.

Brilliant Earth

When it comes to buying diamonds whether you’re on a budget or not, Brilliant Earth is one website that sells lab grown diamonds at a variety of price points.

Perhaps you’re looking for lab created diamond engagement rings without any constraints on price and no budget. Then we’d highly suggest you take a look at Brilliant Earth diamond engagement rings.

brilliant earth lab diamonds

They offer a variety of different shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect diamond for your needs for the price you want.

In addition, they offer financing options and free shipping making it easy to get the diamond you want without breaking the bank.

We like to say that Brilliant Earth is in a league of their own with their lab created diamonds. You can check our full review of Brilliant Earth diamonds here (coming soon).

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Visit Brilliant Earth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lab Grown Diamonds A Good Investment?

This really comes down to how you view an investment. When it comes to buying a lab grown diamond, many couples would view the lower price tag and environmentally-friendly aspect as a non-negotiable which would it make a lab grown diamond a great investment.
If you want a diamond that’s guaranteed to be conflict-free, then a lab created diamond is a good choice. However, if you’re looking for a diamond that will appreciate in value over time, then natural diamonds are a better investment.
Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which type of diamond is right for you.

Will Lab Grown Diamonds Pass A Diamond Tester?

Many experts now believe that it is impossible to tell the difference between a natural diamond and a lab-grown one with the naked eye. But what about when it comes to diamond testers?
While most diamond testers will identify a lab grown diamond as such, there are some newer models that are able to distinguish between natural and a lab grown diamond.
So, if you’re planning on buying a lab-grown diamond, it’s worth doing your research to find out which tester will be able to correctly identify it.
However, regardless of which tester you use, it’s important to remember that lab created diamonds are every bit as real as natural ones – just created in a different way.
Not sure what makes a diamond actually a diamond? Check out the 4C’s and what they are here.

Can Lab Grown Diamonds Take Heat?

Lab grown diamonds are made of the same material as natural diamonds – pure carbon. They’re just created in a lab instead of underground over the course of millions of years. So, can a lab grown diamond take heat?
The answer is yes! In fact, because lab created diamonds contain no impurities, they actually conduct heat better than natural diamonds. This makes them ideal for use in applications where high temperatures are involved, such as semiconductor manufacturing.
But of course this is a wedding site so we’re talking about diamond engagement rings here. So unless you’re suddenly exposed to really high temperatures (hundreds of degrees), then your lab created diamonds can definitely withstand the heat.

Can Lab Grown Diamonds Get Scratched?

It’s a common misconception that diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, but in actuality, they’re rather fragile.
While it’s true that diamonds are one of the hardest materials found in nature, they can still be scratched and damaged. So, what about lab created diamonds? Are they just as susceptible to scratching?
The simple answer is yes. Lab created diamonds are made from the same material as natural diamonds, so they have the same hardness level.
That means that they can be scratched by other diamonds, as well as by other hard materials like quartz or topaz.
However, it’s important to keep in mind that diamond scratches aren’t permanent. With proper care, these scratches can be buffed out, leaving your diamond looking good as new.

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Can Lab Grown Diamonds Break?

Lab created diamonds are real diamonds, just like the ones that are mined from the Earth. They have the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds, and they are just as hard.
In fact, the hardness of a diamond is one of its most important qualities. A diamond’s hardness comes from the strong carbon bonds that hold its atoms together.
These bonds are so strong that nothing can cut through a diamond except another diamond. This is why diamonds are often used in industrial applications, such as drilling and machining.
So, if lab-grown diamonds are just as hard as natural diamonds, can they break?
The answer is yes, they can break. Although they are extremely hard, diamonds are not indestructible. They can be chipped or scratched if they are hit with enough force.
And, if they are exposed to extreme heat (hundreds of degrees), they can actually shatter. However, it is important to keep in mind that natural diamonds are just as susceptible to these types of damage as lab created diamonds.
So, when it comes to durability, there is really no difference between the two.

Final Thoughts

Lab grown diamonds are becoming more and more popular every day. And it’s not hard to see why! They’re cheaper than regular diamonds, they don’t harm the environment, and arguably look better than regular diamonds. So if you’re in the market for a new diamond engagement ring or piece of diamond jewelry, be sure to consider a lab grown diamond. You might just be surprised at how much you like them!

scientists making lab diamonds

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