The 7 Best Engagement Rings on Etsy Right Now

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Etsy is a great place to find handcrafted engagement rings. The site is full of local small businesses that put their love and care into each custom design made out to your liking to ensure satisfaction. But a simple search for engagement rings on Etsy brings up so many results that it can quickly get overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 7 best Etsy engagement rings you can purchase today. Let’s dive right in!

Table of Contents
• Diamond Engagement Rings on Etsy
• Vintage Engagement Rings on Etsy
• Moissanite Engagement Rings on Etsy
• Gemstone Engagement Rings on Etsy
• Rose Gold Engagement Rings on Etsy
• Men’s Engagement Rings on Etsy
• Unique Engagement Rings on Etsy
• Frequently Asked Questions

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Diamond Engagement Rings on Etsy

“The perfect Etsy engagement ring doesn’t exist!” Oh yeah?

This natural earth mined diamond engagement ring with a yellow gold band is the perfect ring for couples looking for something a bit more traditional.

With a large 1.5 carat oval center stone and a refined VS2 color, this is one of the best engagement rings available on Etsy right now.

This diamond engagement ring also comes with a 30 day return policy and a diamond certificate to ensure authenticity, so you can be confident in the ring you’re getting from the seller.

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Vintage Engagement Rings on Etsy

Let’s take it back a few generations here.

Vintage styles are officially making a comeback and this handmade vintage engagement ring from Etsy is made from recycled materials while still featuring a timeless center diamond to boast its beauty.

Not feeling a diamond stone? Not to worry.

This seller offers alternative stones like blue sapphire and white topaz. Heck — you can turn it into official birthstone engagement rings if you’d like!

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Moissanite Engagement Rings on Etsy

Looking for something bold that stands out?

This massive 8.25 carat moissanite engagement ring will probably grab everyone’s attention within a good 10 mile radius with just how bright it’ll sparkle.

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This engagement ring features a 14K yellow gold band, a VS2 center moissanite diamond with 2 side stones, and it’s handmade in the USA!

Every ring boasts custom designs and is made-to-order to your exact specifications, making it a beautiful gift for that special someone.

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Gemstone Engagement Rings on Etsy

Is simple and minimalistic your style? This dainty engagement ring is perfect for you.

With a thin gold band, this gemstone engagement ring can be made-to-order with custom gemstones.

We’ve seen this trend explode in popularity recently with couples choosing the gemstones that represent their significant other’s birth month or anniversary month.

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These gemstone/birthstone engagement rings pair very nicely with a matching wedding band featuring other gemstones.

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Rose Gold Engagement Rings on Etsy

Rose gold typically looks best on extra dainty rings.

This rose gold engagement ring can be made with moissanite diamonds or cubic zirconia.

At about 0.5 carats and a VVS2 clarity, this small yet powerful engagement ring is the perfect gift for your loved one for an engagement, birthday, anniversary, or promise ring.

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Men’s Engagement Rings on Etsy

Let’s switch gears here now. Men need love too!

And this tungsten ring with a hammered black finish is perfect to remind him how much you love him.

We love the opal inlay which adds life to the ring and creates a unique design with a distinctive, yet modern look.

This ring is perfect for an engagement ring, promise ring, wedding ring, or anniversary ring!

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Unique Engagement Rings on Etsy

Looking for a ring that’s out of this world?

Here’s a unique handmade galaxy engagement ring with art deco inspired designs.

This ring can be custom made down to the center stone, side stones, and band material.

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With tons of options for each part of the ring, you can have ring made exactly to your liking which makes it the perfect unique engagement ring to gift to your loved one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Etsy a Good Place to Buy an Engagement Ring?

It depends. It’s important to remember that Etsy is a marketplace and you’ll need to thoroughly vet your sellers by looking at their reviews to see if you’re getting the best possible quality for the price you’re paying.

We also recommend taking a look at how many engagement rings they’ve sold in the past. If they’ve made a high number of sales, this can reassure you that the seller is trusted amongst other buyers.

Once you find a good seller that has good reviews and offers an engagement ring that suits your needs, Etsy can be a great place to buy different unique styles of engagement rings.

A bonus is if the seller is willing to work closely with you to ensure you’re receiving an engagement ring that is perfect for you.

And if it’s possible with the seller, ask for a 3D rendering or video of the engagement ring so you can see all angles of the ring before you buy it. Then top it off by asking for a diamond certificate to confirm the authenticity of the diamond ring.

To sum it all up, here’s how to see if buying an engagement ring on Etsy is good/safe:
– Check the number of sales (higher is better)
– Check the reviews (more positive reviews is better)
– Check if the seller is willing to work with you (only if you have custom demands)
– Check if the seller can provide a video or a 3D rendering of the ring
– Check if the seller can provide a diamond certificate to confirm authenticity

How Much Do Engagement Rings Cost on Etsy?

The great thing about Etsy is that you can find engagement rings for any budget.
Some rings can go for as low as $200 or they can go all the way up to $20,000 depending on what you’re looking for.

Are Etsy Engagement Rings Worth It?

This all comes down to the seller. Just as we’ve mentioned before, we always recommend checking the reviews, number of sales, and certification of authenticity of every diamond before buying.

If you’ve found yourself a seller that checks off all those boxes, and offers an engagement ring for a price that works for your budget, then yes an Etsy engagement ring can absolutely be worth it!

But unfortunately the opposite can be true as well. There are some horror stories on Etsy where couples receive a low-quality engagement ring and the seller will ghost them after.

That’s why we always recommend trusted vendors with a long history of selling quality engagement rings and wonderful 24/7 customer support like James Allen.

Shopping at a place like James Allen removes all the guesswork out of knowing if the vendor is trusted, or if the ring will be high quality.

Can You Directly Work With Engagement Ring Sellers On Etsy?

Yes, many sellers on Etsy are certified jewellers with experience in helping clients with hand crafted custom designs.

This means you’ll be often times able to work directly with the seller to have the engagement ring made out exactly to your liking and specifications.

But it’s important to do your research on the seller beforehand to ensure they’re trustworthy and credible.

And some sellers may charge an additional fee for custom designs and orders.

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