Here Are The Best Engagement Rings For Nurses in 2023

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There’s a common misconception that an engagement ring for a nurse or medical professional has to look bland and boring. Or even *gasp* that they shouldn’t be wearing rings altogether! But what if there was another alternative where nurses can safely wear rings that look beautiful without affecting their day-to-day tasks? That’s exactly what we’re going to uncover in this post. Let’s dive right into our top 5 best engagement rings for nurses and other medical professionals.

Table of Contents
• Bezel Set Engagement Rings
• Low Set Engagement Rings
• Diamond Bands
• Mini Pavé Rings
• Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Rings
• Where To Buy Engagement Rings For Nurses
• Tips For Buying Engagement Rings For Nurses

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Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Our suggestion is to always go for rings that have a low setting and doesn’t protrude much.

This greatly reduces the risk of ripping through latex gloves, scratching patients, or hitting equipment.

It can also reduce the risk on scratching and potentially damaging your diamond as well.

This bezel set engagement ring from James Allen is an excellent engagement ring for a nurse or medical professional because the diamond is held by a sturdy metal rim as opposed to metal prongs.

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This provides a more secure fit that sits low and you wouldn’t have to worry about the ring becoming loose or damaged.

And with fewer sharp edges, this ring is a lot less likely to rip through gloves.

Traditionally, bezel set rings are made for round cut diamonds, but they can be made out for any other shape.

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Low Set Engagement Rings

While we’re on the topic of low profile engagement rings, here’s another popular choice for many nurses.

This Petite Twisted Halo Setting from Blue Nile is set low to avoid scratching or damaging the diamond from everyday use, plus the smaller diamonds along the band make the diamond look brighter than a traditional diamond engagement ring.

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Diamond Bands

If low set diamond engagement rings are not your thing but you still want diamonds on your engagement ring, most nurses and medical professionals opt for diamond bands.

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While they’re not quite a traditional diamond engagement ring with a center stone, these diamond bands are popular because they still have smaller diamonds set along the band and greatly reduce the risk of damage.

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Eternity bands are a good example of diamond bands that have plenty of diamonds to attract some attention, while still being a safe option for medical professionals.

This diamond band from James Allen is one of many great eternity rings they carry that give an all-around shine without any major protrusions.

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Mini Pavé Rings

Looking for a combination of diamond bands and a low set engagement ring? Our advice is to take a look at mini pavé rings.

These rings pair together a center diamond in the middle with multiple smaller diamonds along the band.

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This is a great way to get the best of both worlds without losing out on any sparkle from a low set engagement ring.

Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Rings

This Platinum Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Ring from Blue Nile is another very popular choice for nurses and medical professionals for its durability.

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Platinum is well known for being stronger and more resistant to scratches and damages from everyday use compared to gold and silver.

The reason we love these ring settings in particular is because of the platinum channel protecting all the small diamonds on the band.

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This ring looks stunning on its own without making your ring finger look incomplete, and you won’t have to worry about any hiccups in your day-to-day tasks.

Where To Buy Engagement Rings For Nurses

Our go-to place for engagement rings for nurses and other medical professionals has always been James Allen and Blue Nile.

james allen website

You can find some of the best wedding rings and engagement rings at any price point, whether your budget is $500 or $5,000.

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They carry a wide selection of high quality mined and lab grown diamonds with many different styles (eg. multi row diamond bands, bezel setting, medical grade silicone rings, etc.) to suit your tastes.

blue nile website

All their diamonds are third party tested and carry diamond certifications, so you can be 100% certain your wedding band and engagement ring is genuine and authentic.

Not to mention their customer support is 24/7 and they’re always ready to help you every step of the way.

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Tips For Buying Engagement Rings For Nurses

There’s two tips we strongly recommend you consider when shopping for engagement rings for a nurse.

  1. Keep things low profile

  2. Consider platinum or medical grade silicone rings over gold and silver for its durability and hypoallergenic properties

For keeping things low profile, we don’t recommend having ring styles with a center stone that protrudes a lot or has sharp edges.

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Typically, we recommend round cut diamonds with a bezel setting to avoid the prongs snagging on anything or ripping through gloves during work.

And we also recommend considering platinum for its durability and lower likelihood to get scratched from everyday usage.

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Alternatively, medical grade silicone wedding bands are a great option for its hypoallergenic properties that can be less harmful for patients.

Although to be very candid, silicone wedding bands don’t always look the best which is why we didn’t recommend any in this list.

Not to mention setting a diamond on a silicone band is not exactly possible.

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