Best Engagement Ring Trends for 2023

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If you’re in the market for an engagement ring for that special person, this year is a great time to get started shopping! Couples are on the hunt for the next big thing in engagement ring trends. This year, we’re bringing you the hottest engagement ring trends to give you ideas when shopping for your dream engagement ring.

The Best Engagement Ring Trends of 2023
• Lab Grown Diamonds
• Colored Gemstones
• Modern & Abstract Designs
• Toi et Moi Rings
• Yellow Gold Settings

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are all the craze in 2023.

Couples are moving to a more environmentally-friendly and socially conscious world where diamond engagement rings don’t harm the ecosystem.

In fact, a lab grown diamond ring is physically, chemically, and optically identical to a naturally mined diamond.

Not to mention that they’re also a lot more affordable!

Our top recommended place to begin your search for lab grown jewelry and engagement rings is Clean Origin.

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They carry a large selection of affordable and customizable lab grown diamond rings to start getting some inspiration for your perfect engagement ring.

We’ll keep things brief in this guide but you can check them out in more detail here.

Colored Gemstones

Gone are the days where every couple needs to have a standard diamond center stone.

Many couples are flocking to the colored-stones for a more unique spin on their engagement ring.

The great thing about gemstones is that there’s a specific kind of gemstone to represent each month.

This can make your engagement ring very personal to your relationship if you choose to go with a center stone that represents your anniversary, birthday, or any other special time in the year.

A great place to check out some colored gemstones is James Allen.

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We always mention how great they are, and that’s because they really do live up to the hype.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out their colored gemstone ring collection here.

Modern & Abstract Designs

Having a unique personal style is highly valued when shopping for an engagement ring.

More and more couples are ditching the traditional or vintage inspired rings and instead opting for different shapes and styles.

A new engagement and wedding ring design trend is to have an abstract ring that stands out from the rest.

These unique pieces are one-of-a-kind and symbolize an equally unique relationship.

A great example for an abstract design engagement ring is from Bario Neal.

Their cluster ring collection is underrated and is bound to stand out from any traditional engagement ring.

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These rings are a great conversation-starter and are known to pique interest of many people.

If you’re looking to check out more of their unique collections and styles, you can visit their online storefront here.

Toi et Moi Rings

In 2023, couples are leaving behind the classic solitaire engagement ring and instead are opting for something more personal.

A new engagement and wedding ring design trend are the Toi et moi rings.

Image courtesy: Brilliant Earth

“Toi et moi” (French for “You and me”) refers to two stone rings.

This style of engagement rings was famously worn by Napoleon and his lover Josephine.

Even President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie O. had Toi et moi engagement rings

A similar variation of this type of ring with three stones was famously adorned by Meghan Markle on her engagement ring from Prince Harry.

Couples can take Toi et moi rings a step further and have each individual gemstone or diamond made custom to each person’s style or preference — think two gemstones, each representing a husband and wife’s birth month.

Yellow Gold Settings

A yellow gold band is more sought-after in 2023 than a silver or platinum band.

Many couples are choosing the yellow gold band with a diamond center stone combination over the full silver look.

This contrast makes each part of the engagement ring stand out as its own unique statement piece.

Either a 14k or 18k yellow gold band works really well.

And the great thing about this design choice is that any diamond cut works well which leaves a lot of room for personalization.

Here a few from James Allen around the $5,000 price point, which for many couples is the average budget they allocate for an engagement ring.

Typically emerald cuts, cushion cuts, marquise cuts, and any cut of a larger diamond will also look beautiful.


These popular engagement ring trends are always changing.

That’s why we recommend going for a timeless and classic design, especially if you want your engagement ring to be a family heirloom to pass down to future generations.

But there’s nothing wrong with a new wedding ring design that is unique and special to you.

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