About Us

Life Line Wedding is a community-inspired blog by wedding planners, consultants, and experts from around the continent. We provide grooms and brides with everything they need to plan their perfect wedding, from finding inspiration to securing the best deals on vendors. Our mission is to help couples create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

When Life Line Wedding launched, we set out on a mission to disrupt the wedding industry. With misleading marketing, false claims, unbearable salespeople, and inflated prices, the wedding industry became a disaster.

Back when our founders were looking to get married in their own personal lives, the information out there was either insufficient, non-existent, or factually incorrect. “Where do I buy my ring? What’s the difference between a wedding and engagement ring? Which ring is best for my spouse? What information is even reliable?” The thought of a memorable and enjoyable event quickly turned into frustration and anxiety.

This is where Life Line Wedding comes in. With over 50 years of combined experience in the wedding industry, our founders set out to bring readers reliable and honest wedding-relevant information to cut through all the noise. Now helping couples spanning across multiple continents, Life Line Wedding is the go-to place for grooms and brides to make well-informed decisions for their special moment.

Meet The Team

Sandy Gomez

Co-Founder & Director of Content

John Anderson

Co-Founder & Executive Editor

Erica Jean

Lead Editor

Brian Shipman

Lead Researcher

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