10 Stunning James Allen Eternity Rings

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There’s no better way to showcase your love and commitment than with a stunning eternity ring. And when it comes to choosing an eternity ring, there’s no better place than James Allen. In this article, we’ll go over 10 of our favorite James Allen eternity rings that are sure to reignite your relationship.

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10 Stunning James Allen Eternity Rings
What is an Eternity Ring?
Why Choose James Allen?
Expert Tips for Choosing an Eternity Ring
James Allen Alternatives
How To Care For Your Eternity Ring
Final Thoughts

10 Stunning James Allen Eternity Rings

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Here at our top 10 recommended picks for eternity rings from James Allen. For an added bonus, these gorgeous rings are all under $5000.

14k diamond ring

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14k french pave

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14k fishtail diamond

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14k oval cut

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14k emerald ut

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14k cushion cut

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14k asscher cut

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14k princess cut

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radiant cut

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low dome basket

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What is an Eternity Ring?

Eternity rings, also known as “eternity bands”, “endless”, or “infinity” rings, are a unique type of ring that symbolize infinite and eternal love.

eternity ring

These rings are typically paired with an engagement ring or a wedding ring for a special occasion like a milestone anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or a birthday.

An eternity ring is usually made with a band of metal that is set with a line of continuous and identical diamonds that go all the way around the ring. This design is meant to signify the never-ending love between two people.

The reason we’re including an article about eternity rings under the site’s ‘engagement ring’ category is because in many cases, we’ve seen eternity rings being paired with the engagement ring as a placeholder for a wedding band in the case that the wedding is postponed or delayed.

In other words, couples can propose with an engagement ring, and if the wedding date is too far out (usually due to a loved one needing to finish school first, get a promotion, or some other important life event), then an eternity ring can be given as a symbol of love, typically one year after the date of engagement instead of the wedding band.

eternity ring with engagement ring

The great feature about an eternity ring is that it can be stacked with both an engagement ring and a wedding band. So you won’t have to worry about storing it away once you have a wedding band on.

Now this is all in relation to engagement rings. Aside from that, eternity rings are great for milestone events like a 25th wedding anniversary, a birthday, or even Valentine’s Day.

Eternity rings are extremely versatile and flexible for any occasion!

Why Choose James Allen?

Choosing James Allen is an excellent choice for online shoppers, which is mostly everyone in this day-and-age. Not only do they provide high-resolution images of all their 250,000+ loose diamonds, they also offer affordable prices.

James Allen Homepage

We’ve heard from many of our readers before that shopping for an engagement ring can get difficult at times. Luckily, James Allen offers 24/7 customer support via live chat. Our experiences with their team has been nothing but positive. We found all the support reps to be highly knowledgeable and we didn’t have to be put on ‘hold’ for anything!

In addition to their large selection, great prices, and friendly customer support, their website is comprehensive and easy-to-use. We were able to create custom beautiful engagement rings in our budget in three simple steps in less than 10 minutes.

James Allen really changed how people shop for diamond rings and jewellery. You can check out detailed review here to see if they really live up to their name.

Expert Tips for Choosing an Eternity Ring

When it comes to choosing an eternity ring, there are three main factors to consider (in no particular order): budget, lifestyle, and preferences. Let’s dive into all them.



Here is where you want to factor in your finances. Consider things like your income and any financial obligations you may have. For instance, if you have a hefty credit card bill or student loans to pay off, you may want to reconsider spending over $10,000 on an eternity ring, especially if that $10,000 is a relatively large portion of your income.


In this section, consider your partner’s lifestyle and take into consideration if an eternity ring makes sense. If your partner has an active lifestyle, we recommend staying away from eternity rings in general as it can become damaged more easily. If they choose to take the ring off before any physical activity, then you run the risk of the ring becoming dirty or misplaced if it’s not stored correctly.



Our final expert tip for choosing eternity bands is knowing your partner’s preferences. For example, we’ve seen in some couples that lab diamonds are a priority for them. In other partners, we’ve seen a stronger preference to colored gemstones. Knowing your partner’s preferences can make or break an eternity ring.

James Allen Alternatives

Although James Allen is one of our top recommended vendors, they may not be for everyone. If that’s the case, Clean Origin is a great alternative.

clean origin website

They carry a large selection of GIA certified lab grown diamonds at an affordable price. Their commitment to providing excellent customer service since 1999 is unparalleled in the wedding industry.

You can check out our detailed comparison of James Allen vs Clean Origin to see which one is better suited for you.

How To Care for your Eternity Ring

Caring for your eternity band is crucial to maintaining its sparkle and longevity. The best way to do this is to run the ring under some warm water and scrub gently with some soap and a soft bristle toothbrush. You can read more about how to clean your ring here.

If you begin to notice any signs of wear and tear, consider taking your ring to a professional jeweller for inspection and proper cleaning. In fact, some vendors like James Allen offer these services for free with the purchase of your ring.

Taking these simple steps will prolong the life of your eternity ring to ensure maximum shine and sparkle… for all of eternity!

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, eternity rings are a great piece of jewellery to showcase your love and commitment to your partner.

If you’re in the market for an eternity ring, James Allen and Clean Origin are excellent options. But before you consider where you want to purchase, we recommend you consider your budget, your partner’s lifestyle, and their preferences.

And finally, caring for your eternity ring is a great way to show you care and ensure the shine and sparkle is strong for years to come!

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